Just me, today

WordPress has several errors, which are a bit irritating but it’s ok.
I love the theme and context of this place, much better than facebook.

Today is exactly a week after i posted the first written works of mine. It’s mingled and messy somehow. My language is not so smooth and my structures are so simple, one-colour.

So, i want to say something now that the week has ended and i am heading for a singing competition tomorrow! So today i met with Williams, a very friendly, easy-going teacher from the Phillipines. Hope i can talk to him more often.

I also have a date canceled! How terrible this day is! 
So sad for me, i was looking forward to the trip for so long, do you know that???

I guess i should treat myself to a free night, doing what i want. But time never seems to flow so fast if you are not doing anything at all 😦
I also have just registered an account at Tumblr and figure out that it’s such an artistic community with lots to offer and millions to discover. 
Online life’s great, when you have not much to do, not a lover to turn to and cry on the shoulder of him. It’s sometimes really diverse, offering you tons of ways to escape the real world, which is rather full of sadness and tiredness on some occasions.

I was given an escape, too. But it’s just killing time. It’s nothing. It’s useless. People or my parents cannot say that online things are worthy in educational value. I’ve learnt a lot myself, but also i killed a huge amount of time on crazy stuff, rather useless for me.

Some may say, even i myself claim, that i am a sentimental person, who always put my feelings up first, and other things do not mean much to me. That’s quite right. I can get emotional and considerate at any time. I can be broken if somebody that i care about disappointed me or made me feel useless. I live along with those entangled feelings, however as i grow up, i’ve learnt how to cope with them. and to hide them at the dark side of mine.
They’re now and always somewhere, in the death of night, in the depth of mu heart, where most people cannot reach.
You may say, every girl’s the same as me. But i believe that i am the person who think the world out of littlest emotional things. 

Often, i am strong. At other times, i am weak, super fragile. This is one of the main reason i cannot leave all of my relationship for my future career or whatever. I always want to keep them by my side, to have them all the time.
They’re surely the most precious things ever.

That’s all for today. I am beginning to talk nonsense!

Bye bye!


Nhận ra một mối tình.

Sớm nay thức giấc đã nghe tiếng gõ nhẹ vào vai, đánh thức tôi khỏi cơn mộng mị mùa thu.

Sắp sương giáng, rồi lại đông chí, nhanh lắm chẳng đùa đâu.

Thấy sường sượng nơi cánh mũi, lạnh nơi thanh quản, nhưng nhức ở thái dương vì trái gió.

Trời chuyển mình gượng gạo như cái vặn vai chậm kêu cái rắc!

Mặt trời lên đỉnh thì vẫn nắng đấy, có hơi khó chịu nhưng bù lại là sự khoan khoái dịu nhẹ vô song về đêm.

Gió mát, và hoa sữa điệu đà vẩy lọ nước hoa nhẹ lên những trục đường hiu quạnh.

Nàng thật là thướt tha, tà áo trắng kết những chùm ngọc trai, đóng vai nàng dâu thùy mị đem lòng yêu rồi cưới luôn mùa thu.

Tất cả là sự êm ái, dễ chịu như được ôm chú gấu bông hay nựng con cún con vậy.

Ngày đông tháng giá chẳng còn xa nữa đâu.

Cái the lạnh còn gợi lại những điều ngọt ngào. Ôm ấp, áo bông, giày, khăn ấm,(và những cử chỉ như trong phim Hàn :->)…

Ước mà có bộ lông con miu ở nhà, cuộn vào gừ gừ cả ngày ấy, rồi nghe Norah Jones thủ thỉ, nghe Matt tâm tình và nghe Gotye gào thét.

Húp nước phở, nghe hơi nóng bún chả hay nồi nước hầm, thịt quay,… Chẹp chẹp.

Có ai đang luyến tiếc mùa thu nhưng lại có chút tấm chân tình dành tặng ngày đông như tôi không?

Một mối tình tay ba kì ảo mà chẳng chàng trai nào thắng cả.Image


Getting used to it!

I am trying my hardest to learn how to use WordPress efficiently.
I am getting used to it everyday. And also, at the moment, my facebook account has been deactivated, so i have much more time spending around here.
Facebook is such a waste of times, with tons of bull**** things like opinions, pages, news feed, likes and unlikes. It’s frustrating somehow. And i am affected negatively from the site, both physically, mentally and emotionally.
i guess my typing ability is not so good as i cannot use all 10 fingers for my writing, and each time i type a word, usually it takes a deletion 😦

today is a beautiful sunny day, a bit hot and dry. It makes my skin yell. haha. I am very close to the point when i have to sit an examination with about 10 other students to choose the team for the national examination.
it’s quite nerve-wracking as i have to complete a really lengthy paper.

i think that’s all for today as i have something else to do.
Like… taking a big hot shower and washing my dirty, filled-with-dandruff (i guess :-ss) long hair.
Today is a very special day of mine, but unfortunately, nobody has taken notice of that. Now i am alone and feel so sad.
Let’s wait till the end of the day before i cry.
Can i get used to this fact???
Let’s see the title again. 😐

The first post on WordPress

This is the first time I’ve ever written a wordpress post.
WordPress is wonderful somehow.
Oh gosh my writing is not so good, especially when using the keyboard. 
It’s hard to imagine in my head both the places of the letters in a word and that on the keyboard at the same time. So i will try on to write as fast as i can ok :))

WordPress really inspires me. Many of the people i respected have something like this, and they store loads of written pieces, which made me thinks a lot about my writing ability and the possibility of me writing something for storage, and also to share my knowledge.

I guess that 18 is not a bad start, right? 🙂
I will do it from this moment. Write something, every… day or week or whatever (whenever i have the time T_T)
I am struggling at school and i am surely downright lazy. I am lazy as hell. I don’t know why laziness runs in my blood like this.
My only interest is English, so i guess i can spend days and nights studying it, and someday teaching it in a university, in front of many of undergraduates haha.
I’d love to think of that moment. It serve as a motive for my determination in studying or something.
I just love pedagogy. It’s one of the most beautiful thing i know haha. Even though someone call it boring and repetitive, i don’t believe so. 
It is a perfect career for me, as i always want to be an inspirer, or something like that 🙂