The first post on WordPress

This is the first time I’ve ever written a wordpress post.
WordPress is wonderful somehow.
Oh gosh my writing is not so good, especially when using the keyboard. 
It’s hard to imagine in my head both the places of the letters in a word and that on the keyboard at the same time. So i will try on to write as fast as i can ok :))

WordPress really inspires me. Many of the people i respected have something like this, and they store loads of written pieces, which made me thinks a lot about my writing ability and the possibility of me writing something for storage, and also to share my knowledge.

I guess that 18 is not a bad start, right? 🙂
I will do it from this moment. Write something, every… day or week or whatever (whenever i have the time T_T)
I am struggling at school and i am surely downright lazy. I am lazy as hell. I don’t know why laziness runs in my blood like this.
My only interest is English, so i guess i can spend days and nights studying it, and someday teaching it in a university, in front of many of undergraduates haha.
I’d love to think of that moment. It serve as a motive for my determination in studying or something.
I just love pedagogy. It’s one of the most beautiful thing i know haha. Even though someone call it boring and repetitive, i don’t believe so. 
It is a perfect career for me, as i always want to be an inspirer, or something like that 🙂


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