Getting used to it!

I am trying my hardest to learn how to use WordPress efficiently.
I am getting used to it everyday. And also, at the moment, my facebook account has been deactivated, so i have much more time spending around here.
Facebook is such a waste of times, with tons of bull**** things like opinions, pages, news feed, likes and unlikes. It’s frustrating somehow. And i am affected negatively from the site, both physically, mentally and emotionally.
i guess my typing ability is not so good as i cannot use all 10 fingers for my writing, and each time i type a word, usually it takes a deletion 😦

today is a beautiful sunny day, a bit hot and dry. It makes my skin yell. haha. I am very close to the point when i have to sit an examination with about 10 other students to choose the team for the national examination.
it’s quite nerve-wracking as i have to complete a really lengthy paper.

i think that’s all for today as i have something else to do.
Like… taking a big hot shower and washing my dirty, filled-with-dandruff (i guess :-ss) long hair.
Today is a very special day of mine, but unfortunately, nobody has taken notice of that. Now i am alone and feel so sad.
Let’s wait till the end of the day before i cry.
Can i get used to this fact???
Let’s see the title again. 😐


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