Just me, today

WordPress has several errors, which are a bit irritating but it’s ok.
I love the theme and context of this place, much better than facebook.

Today is exactly a week after i posted the first written works of mine. It’s mingled and messy somehow. My language is not so smooth and my structures are so simple, one-colour.

So, i want to say something now that the week has ended and i am heading for a singing competition tomorrow! So today i met with Williams, a very friendly, easy-going teacher from the Phillipines. Hope i can talk to him more often.

I also have a date canceled! How terrible this day is! 
So sad for me, i was looking forward to the trip for so long, do you know that???

I guess i should treat myself to a free night, doing what i want. But time never seems to flow so fast if you are not doing anything at all 😦
I also have just registered an account at Tumblr and figure out that it’s such an artistic community with lots to offer and millions to discover. 
Online life’s great, when you have not much to do, not a lover to turn to and cry on the shoulder of him. It’s sometimes really diverse, offering you tons of ways to escape the real world, which is rather full of sadness and tiredness on some occasions.

I was given an escape, too. But it’s just killing time. It’s nothing. It’s useless. People or my parents cannot say that online things are worthy in educational value. I’ve learnt a lot myself, but also i killed a huge amount of time on crazy stuff, rather useless for me.

Some may say, even i myself claim, that i am a sentimental person, who always put my feelings up first, and other things do not mean much to me. That’s quite right. I can get emotional and considerate at any time. I can be broken if somebody that i care about disappointed me or made me feel useless. I live along with those entangled feelings, however as i grow up, i’ve learnt how to cope with them. and to hide them at the dark side of mine.
They’re now and always somewhere, in the death of night, in the depth of mu heart, where most people cannot reach.
You may say, every girl’s the same as me. But i believe that i am the person who think the world out of littlest emotional things. 

Often, i am strong. At other times, i am weak, super fragile. This is one of the main reason i cannot leave all of my relationship for my future career or whatever. I always want to keep them by my side, to have them all the time.
They’re surely the most precious things ever.

That’s all for today. I am beginning to talk nonsense!

Bye bye!


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