Summary to be written

Today i am like wasting my time doing crazy stuff. I dont know 🙂
It’s crazy.

I have no more intention to call somebody. Maybe i’ll cancel the service today, or at least forget about my fone as well as my facebook thing.
it’s almost the end of the year already but i havent thought of any kind of summing up the year in some pages or in my diary.

It’s a frustrating but really happy year actually. I’ve got a lot of new friends and loads of new experience. Even thought the sad feeling about myself still occasionally visits, that’s just a small thing after all. And i will have to learn to be much more confident in the future. I dont want to be dependent on anyone. 

But i never take sentimental things for granted so anything that has to do with emotions always drives me mad. 

today is a totally beautiful Sunday and i am staying at home doing nothing. :-s
How horrible i am!
Fuck off, go away from the computer now douchbag 😦


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