A day when i am sick, and absent from class!

right. so I’ve settled down after an exhausting day going all the places and burning incense and undertook the crazy rain that has left me with a common cold today
it’s so tiring that i dont wanna do anything, not to mention my studying duties! 

And it’s sunny side up today! how funny is that T_T 

I will take a bath, forgetting that he is actually having so much fun in a distant place

I’ve read so many posts about love these days and finally i’ve decided to stop calling him. It’s quite a hard choice to make. But i have to if i want to keep my dignity at last.

In the future maybe very bad thing will happen but i wait for them very calmly. I don’t know. I am not expecting anything right now. It’s a awkward blank in my mind now. I dont even want to go to school even though English is very attractive and i have to admit i like to compete against others to prove myself, without expressing to others that i am trying my best to put my usual idleness to the side and concentrate on becoming a hard-working girl in class, completing all the exercises neatly.

Yeas, i cannot expect myself to be like this these days. It’s amazing. I cleaned my room, re-arranged my clothes and stuff, i wrapped some gifts, wrote some good cards and thought very positively as well as independently. I think i’m very much like my mother. In so many ways. 
It’s strange. I thought i’d be nothing like her, but now i am, and i feel quite proud of that. haha.

I hate him. He’s ruined my life with his personal happiness. His happiness has nothing to do with me, apparently and he considers that normal. He’s crazy for sure! So selfish

These days i also like composing essays cause that’s really fun and it can sharpen my language skills. But this week has seen my laziness again! Once again! What can i do?? 😦

Maybe i’ll go to the library this afternoon as Dao is crazy enough to teach a good lesson. Tomorrow’ll be him again! How terrible!

Anyway, thoughts are coming up in my mind really fast. I love British accent, so much adore for Muse and many 80s rock n roll things. Also want to play some musical instrument but it’s me that get in the way of my wish again. I’m so fed up with myself about that.

And, i think i have to go out and dress beautifully so that i can feel confident and happy. Staying at home is so…. i dont know what word to use.

My typing in English has improved much more now. I think that actually i can type by about 8 to 9 fingers now already, and without looking at the keyboard haha. That’s nice. It’s a new skill that has been mastered.

Anyway, i kept on writing blogs like this so that i can improve my English, and to practice as well. And the best thing is that i dont have any viewers at all haha

My mother has just passed by without knowing that i am writing something useless. =))

So that’s all for my so much scattered thoughts today. Bye then, Minh! haha



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