stressed out!

today i learned 2 things.
first, i’m about to lose something

second, i’m about to lose myself

Is it necessary to make a major change. Do I need to be what somebody want me to? Do i really sacrifice myself that much?

Let me tell you girls, love is very tragic. Never easy to get through. The first days seemed marvelous.

Then things all went wrong and we dont know what to do

Now i resort to some crazy kind of horoscope thing to see if i was wrong at some point. Finally i understood him. and many other things

so complicated. i am so weak and dependent actually. nobody knows that. now i have to close myself, find some new passions and live with them happily. just that

i need to get back to my own self. cannot hide anymore. i’m not in a relationship anymore. i need to be someone else. 

my personality does not let me down, it’s just my inner feelings that hurt me the most.

he hurt me. deeply but he doesn’t care. now i have settled everything again. and face the truth. i will lose him. someday.

and i must be on my way to find something else for my life. Something…

i’m not independent at all. i’m so jealous most of my friends are.

I dont know. I need to change. It’s now or never. English? Study? Music? Anything else?


just consider yourself single, and get on with new experience everyday

and focus on other relationships, as well as my family

ok? get it? 🙂 contentment will come someday


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