That’s it

I know. i used to know deep in my fragile heart that this day will come.

it will come, sooner or later. it’s funny. Cause it’s weird.

i gave out much feeling, but i’ve learnt how to decrease that. and now i feel much more relieved. any high school romance will end up like this.

i want to attract that one person again. but i was so wrong. no. no. it’s all over. 

i want to hold things back. but i can’t. right?

it’s withered away in front of my eyes, so swiftly i can barely feel my hand, or my skin.

it’s all so funny. i can get up right now, can’t I? Can I forget things so effortlessly?

no. i don’t know. i’m not sure.

when is it will i find a new thing, a new love, a new relationship with a person that is considerate enough? 

i used to think romance films are so fake. but no, it’s right. it’s true.

some days ago i read horoscope comparability. and that’s right. it can be romantic, but it’ll end soon. We have kept up this relationship long enough, and well enough. Nothing to regret about, especially for his irresponsibility

it’s worth my criticism. at last.

never will he bring me happiness



i shall not stick with that one anymore


everything’s not real.

just think that nothing has happened. i am a happy girl, right. i have my dignity.

he did not betray me at all. it’s that he’s too selfish. and his ambitions are big. he never has the courage to take the responsibility. for me.

or anyone else.

he will one day recognize that he’s been immature long enough. 

it’ll be better for the girls after me.

someday in the distant future, maybe i’ll meet him again. in a different atmosphere. a different situation. and we have an old long-lasting relationship.


No love is like a dream. It ends like novel. A tragic one.

A film? right. but i believe that i have loved you with all my heart. i have no regret. not at all.

but he just does not need my attention now anymore. it was always almost the day that everything broke out so heavily, but so freely.

Just like 500 days of Summer. Just that 500 days. A beautiful thing. We meant so much to each other. But then, what? An Autumn will come. It’s gonna be long before that autumn, but it’s worth it.


I will end up my happy ending with someone else. Someone else…

i will write more. but not today. it’s enough for now. ok?


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