There’re a thousand ways for things to fall apart. There’s a million ways for things to break, to end, so foolishly. But you have learnt how to accept that fact. 

You know you will hurt yourself thinking about everything in a negative light. I cannot attract a person like that. Nothing could have happened. But it did. And somehow i am not regretful about that.

It’s a fact i must accept. I can cry for things like humanity, but not at things like this. I have to fix myself, my little heart.

Maybe i’ve mistaken someone. I don’t know. After many things, they may behave in a way that makes sense. Nothing like my way. Right.

I am like that. Someone who accepts me must understand that. 

But you should stop your nonsensical thinking right away! 

First of all, it’s so cold today. So long i haven’t written anything. I get bored of my own space and those memories. I’m about to get rid of that. I dont know. When will i be able to come back to that place? just wait. wait right there.

Until you know you can find passion in other things. Writing? contributing? English? another  language, that’s right.

You start it all over again.

Suddenly i realized. God gives me a lot and now he has taken just one thing from me, just to make me become much stronger.

Anyone has to go through things like this. I am no exception. It’s just things are much milder for me. I hope that he feels regretful someday, sometime. I know he still has a little me in him. We had something, a lot of things.

Now i must go to sleep. People are working hard out there. I am downright lazy. Please. That’s enough for your hanging around emotions and enjoying of life. Please. Be decisive. Be determined and rational. Much more.


I said baby, you’re not lost……….


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