10 days later

Every ending is a disguise of a new beginning…

Yeah you may now know it but i am giving my attention and affection for a person. He’s kinda kute. Really really kute. The kutest thing ever seen haha.

But not my love, please. It’s easy to like somebody. I don’t see any future with this guy. We are just getting along and talking… something like that.

His family is special. I want to know more about him before i get out of this school. 

And I can see that right now, there are many people out there for me. I feel nothing when thinking about him. It’s a blank. Even if i saw him, it would be much of pretending and phoney stuff.  I will prepare myself for a big letter. The last letter. I’m a letter writer and i still tried to improve that skill. It suits me well.

Maybe i’ve forgotten my diary for very very long now. Life has wiped me away. No time to think, to be sad, to have philosophy, to recap anything. I will turn to it one day, but not today.

A big exam has passed by and i dont know how things will be like. I mean, the results can be disastrous. It’s so tangled. I found that i’ve made quite a lot of errors to have a good result in the end.

And also. The singing competition. Before getting up on the stage, I had so much nerve. I’m scared. Who am I singing for? Somebody. You know who. 🙂
I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw both of them in the audience. It’s a big and so nice surprise for me. It always brings me close to tears whenever my affection is given back to me. It’s a re-filled heart, a heart that has lost so much. 

I think i’m quite happy now. I had something at last. It’s not material. It’s spiritual. It feels so good…


OK, have to go cooking now. Such a fun job. 
Bye bye, i’ll see you again someday, wordpress ♥


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