🙂 haha. butter is the equivalent of a funny Vietnamese word. I have to “butter” somebody today. It’s been so frustrating I cannot keep up this thing anymore.
We need a good night sleep, and time to study. And also, for my little heart to straighten out and uncover things of the passed days.

Also, he has hidden somewhere! I cannot get in touch with him.
Wondering what has happened. But that doesnt matter much. I’ve got like tons of books to come by in the meantime. 

I can see how people care about my fragile heart while giving me those stories. It’s very very nice of them and i become very touched. When i am down, people surrounded me and lifted me up.

Honestly, i get a bit upset and was hoping things were bad to him. You know who. And i guess things are quite normal, monotonous and useless for him these days. It’s not hard to imagine all of those stuff.

I only want respect from those bitches. That’s all.

Recently i’ve been having an issue with Math actually. it’s hard and totally strange to me. Suffice it to say, my heart got tangled with piles and bunch of emotions, which are hard to get out of.

 So, what to do now? I’m being heavily buttered! >.< Maybe i’ll get no reply. maybe you’ve gone to sleep already. Maybe you’re being hard working. I hate this feeling. Such a crazy all-messed-up teenage crisis – a period i thought i’ve done away with long ago.

So funny, you messed up with my life, can;t you see that? >.<

Alright, suppress and stay calm, lady. We’ve got work to do later. 

Stay FOCUSED please.


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