Almost there

I’m not so sure about the exact situation between us but he seems not so excited and i am not wholly ready anyway.

It’s almost new year, and some changes, and so on…

I dont know how the new year will be. i hope for the best even though i know god have given me so much i cannot ask for more. but i want things to run smoothly

i need motivation and some kind of good-will. i cannot leave myself become useless.

also my tangled heart of all kinds of experience are about to explode. i tried to analyze and provoke so many things these days. All of those guys that’ve ever been through my life. 

I have beautiful affection for them all. No exception

and the guy of the moment? let’s see. everything’ll not be so romantic as you hoped…

i swear, in half an hour to come, we’ll have nothing to talk about, we’ll be crazy, we’ll not do anything special. there is a distinct possibility that i’ll have to choose the place to go also. it’s just funny! 🙂

anyway, my main aim is to feel the air of the new year, and to wish for new beginnings.

the guy – he’s Nothing! :)) i can control myself.

oh i’m being given another offer! what to do what to do?!?!


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