>.< after valentine

It’s the sixth day of the new year already. and cause i’m so lazy and do not have much to do, I tend to be relaxed and dont care much about the stack of home work around. The first days of the vacation seemed to be very busy and useful, but now things are crazy. Not to mention yesterday was Valentine’s day and honestly i’ve been through so many emotions that are insane.

I hate the fact that now i have to worry about my future, and i have many other things going on as well. Now i include him in my future and it suddenly becomes so hard to face the relationship on the move but having not any future.

Should i go with the flow?

And am I too lazy to be true? Actually i want to know what people are doing.

And also, it’s raining. it’s crazy. i want to have a little more fun than this before i can get myself into anything.

I am stuck to the computer these days, which is a really really bad thing 😦

Can’t believe how lazy i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my thoughts are so tangled, as well as my feelings :(((((((((

Ok OK. calm down girl. you’re on your own and you need to know what to do. what to skip, when to focus and what to think!! dont be like this anymore. Now do the english homework first. And then write something on the planning notebook. ok???? get out!!!


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