Everything Just For Me?

Okay, so it’s been very long since i last posted anything here.
I have a habit of mumbling and thinking stupid things inside of my head.

Therefore, these pieces of writing seems irrelevant, incoherent and somehow hard to follow.

These days I’ve been drown in homework, books, novels, and some hard-to-tell emotional issues. :-s
So he has officially crept into my mind and my heart like a crazy thing!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know but from now, my future plans can be strongly affected by him.

In restropect, love is uncontrollable and it affects me the most out of many other problems in my life.

My head has gone with the gist of many stories! I’ve started the habit of READING – something I have never given any thoughts to! 
So now I think my concentration is better, I’m more patient and I’m open up to so many great things in the world of books.

The power of words is undeniable! In a way, it can change the whole trait of character of a person. A case in point is… myself. I believe that I will recommend everyone to take up this very useful and precious habit.

Music has been great, but nothing new has come up to me other than Book :))) :”> You know what I mean! 

Recently, I’ve been worried a lot about my ability in English and the chances of it becoming my major in the future.

I can be a translator, I can dig myself into the deepest hole of ambiguity of the language. I can also be a teacher, an inspirer. May be I just need my husband to be a manager and to fulfill my wish of doing some voluntary work in the future.

Sometimes I wish I had the head for natural sciences. But sorry, I don’t 😦
If I had had it, my choices of careers in the future would’ve been this hard to make.

Anyway, it’s singing time and I’ll consider my choices again and again later! 
Bye bye! Blog! You help me a lot with my thoughts and confusion! ♥


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