It’s late at night and I can’t sleep

Missing you just runs too deep. Oh gosh i wish I could make you see.

Just sometimes I tell myself, I have to go first, I have to say I really really adore you. But sometimes it’s hard for a girl, a broken-hearted one and something else about her that you dont want to know 😦

There’s a very, very dark corner of my soul. Something scary rests in there and never leaves.

I made mistakes, yes I did. I dont want to hurt you. I know we won’t have a particularly bright future but I still hope that we can overcome these barriers and find a way to be together no matter what.

You know that, wherever you are, I will still think of you every step of the way.

I find it hard to live by without having some boys’ or men’s respect and attention. Something inside of me needs that, But you know you’re the only one that I’ll look to in times of trouble. I told you a lot of complicated, baffling, frustrating thing. And unfortunately, you seem to remember my words very carefully and long.

so long I haven’t written anything in my diary, my dear diary. But I need to face everything and I’ve got a lot, a lot of things to do. A lot, a lot of gorgeous books need to be completed. A lot of meaningful films to add meaning to my life. A lot of space in my heart for my passions.

You never ask for any kind of care or affection. But I know you need it, and I’d love to give it you you when I have the time. Your candies and your smile can smooth and calm my whole rough heart with mixed emotions that never seem to resolve.

A lot of relationships to be created and corrected. Some bonding needs to be strengthened. Some skills need to be perfected. And I’ve got so little time left here in this little town.

I will be at university. And i am preparing myself, physically and mentally for the things I have to face afterwards. Nobody says it is easy. Especially without a loyal and wonderful supporter. I hope you can find your own passion, your own dreams and to pursue it whole-heartedly. And i will be with you no matter what.

We need to fulfill our future before anything can happen. And i dont want to make any promises. But i promise to myself : this relationship’s gonna last. 


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