Since when?

Since when have i forgotten those “anniversaries”?
Since when has my heart stopped feeling so lonely?

Since when have I stopped caring about somebody?

I don’t know. My feelings cannot be as strong as they used to be. Not so innocent as well.

I guess my heart has healed, just a little bit. But now, what? I’ll move to a new city, living on my own (almost), having the craziest experience possible.

My life will be meaningful, useful or just a waste of time?

Do I have enough strength to pull through with my dream? With just English by my side?

I don’t know. I’m in a quandary. This is freaking me out. My future. Oh my gosh.

I won’t have him as well. That’s the truth. That’s painful.


why you have to appear like a flutter of beauty then vanish away so quickly?


When will our bond break?


What if we still keep up this thing and regret in the end?


It’s crazy. You’re crazy. I’m crazy. My heart’s a mess.

And yes, today, i learn that, i got pains. But can i get over them?

I’m not sure. This is not “love” anyway. I dont want you to have any strings attached with me. I’m thinking for your own good.

What about me? I’ll be lonely, for sure. But that’s how life’s gonna be. You have to be independent, you need to be independent.

You’re not that beautiful, so just stay confident in your extravagant outfit. Or you’ll be sorry.

You’re not that talented, so you’ve gotta keep trying.

And there’re always tragedies in life. There’re false judgement. There’re funny people you dont wanna get involved with, or at any time, compare yourself to them.

Shut up. You’ve been trying for so long.

Com’on, get back to reality! People still respect me, in a good way, not that way! 





I’ve never thought holding hands can feel that great.

And yeah, romance’s not really out of reach.

Illuminati orange light shed upon our shoulders and the world just sank in to save the moment. I wish I could hold on to in forever. Nothing more or less. Just that. So right. Kill me!

The world’s stopped revolving in your eyes.

A month has passed

Yeah right. A month. I mean, another.

There’s NO statistics on this blog but i keep on writing, simply because it’s very hard to promote things here, and this is my personal corner as well! Nobody has the right to see my posts.

And, today is a very beautiful day, though i feel a bit tired.

He wrote me a letter. 🙂


Yeah. WE WROTE LETTERS. What else can happen?